Ddr2 ram to ddr3 slot converter

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Computer Memory explained DDR-DDR3 and latest DDR4 PC Memory to help ... not fit into a standard DDR2 DIMM socket or an earlier DDR memory socket. ... A simple calculation to convert the PC figure to MHz is divide the PC figure by 8.

is there a ddr2 to ddr3 converter? | Vista Forums is there a ddr2 to ddr3 converter? Thread starter chilloh; Start date Apr 8, 2008; C. ... I searched and I found this, (see link) a couple years ago VIA and gigabyte realeased a ddr to ddr2 converter. So I think they going to release a ddr2 to ddr3 soon ... and what is the point of upgrading memory from DDR to DDR2 if DDR3 if there wasn't a ... DDR2 work with DDR3 slot - GeForce Forums DDR2 work with DDR3 slot 1 / 3 ... If you modify your DDR2 RAM sticks to be DDR3 slot-compatible, then yes. This is the second time you posted something where you act like you know electronics, but you don't know crap. Best you stop posting on things you have no idea about. There is no tech mod. sodimm adapter products for sale | eBay

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DDR3 – How Does It Compare to DDR2? Next-generation, high-performance DDR3 pushes the envelope in key areas like power consumption, signaling speeds, and bandwidth and brings new levels of performance to desktop, notebook, and server computing applications. Below is a snapshot of how DDR3 stacks up against DDR2.

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